The Newest and Finest in Natural Stone

Quartz is becoming popular in home design for its durability and versatility. One of the earth’s most abundant minerals, quartz is ranked as a seven on the Mohs relative hardness scale with diamond ranked as a ten. Engineered quartz, like Cambria, is 93% natural quartz combined with resin to make it more durable and color dyes to make it more versatile.

Cambria: Bellingham

Cambria: Bellingham

The nonporous surface resists staining, deterioration, and bacterial growth. It doesn’t require sealing and can easily be cleaned with warm water. Cambria is NSF certified – thoroughly tested and confirmed safe for food preparation by the Public Health and Safety Organization. Homeowners were previously resistant to quartz because of the limited color and style options, but with new, engineered quartz, the options are virtually endless. Colors can range from red and blue to black and beige with a variety of edging options. Quartz also has greater versatility with vertical mounting, like in showers, for example.

Cambria: Armitage

Cambria: Armitage

Many prefer quartz because it is nearly indestructible. Cambria offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty. However, this stone is sensitive to extreme and constant heat. It is not recommended for outdoor use. Quartz is durable, but it’s also very heavy. Professional installation is recommended.

Cambria: Armitage/Bradshaw

Cambria: Armitage / Bradshaw

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