Five Ways to Decorate Your Doors and Windows this Holiday Season

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone at Hannapel’s! Stay nice and warm this winter season with good doors and windows to keep out the cold. Then bring some holiday cheer to your home with these fun DIY decorations to dress up your doors and windows.


1. Wrap your door

You could put a giant bow and some ribbon across your door to make it look like a present, or make paper cut outs to decorate the door like a snowman.

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2. Hang ornaments on your curtain rod

Dress up your windows with holiday cheer by hanging ornaments with twine or fishing line from the curtain rod in your windows. Baker’s twine looks extra festive because it’s red and white.

window snowflakes and balls

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3. Make a clothespin wreath

Glue clothespins to a cardboard circle or hook them onto a wire hanger.  You could add beads between the pins for a fun pop of color. Tie a ribbon into a bow on top to hag the wreath. What’s the coolest thing about this wreath? You can use the pins to hang winter pictures or holiday cards!



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4. Make a wreath out of a picture frame

Tie ornaments to an empty frame with holiday themed ribbon then hang it on your door. In this tutorial, the blogger hung some greenery behind the frame to give it an extra pop.


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5. Make burlap lights for garland

It’s as simple as tying strips of burlap to a string of lights, but it looks amazing.



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