Quaility Series Construction Details

  1. Constructed for daily use (⅜” thick end panels attached with wood-to-wood glue and staples)
  2. Moisture resistant (natural maple laminate interiors)
  3. Strong and sturdy frames (1½” wide front, ¾” thick, solid wood)
  4. Reinforced components (¼” thick engineered wood back extends all the way to the floor for added strength to reinforce back corners of the cabinet)
  5. Improved overall strength (solid pine or Douglas fir hang rails for greater rigidity)
  6. 6-way, fully concealed, adjustable hinges (in both Quality and Designer Series)
  7. Structurally square design (four ½” thick engineered wood gussets hold cabinet square and are dadoed into the side panels)
  8. More storage (30% more volume, ½” thick engineered wood drawers feature natural colored maple laminate interiors)
  9. Better alignment (dual-captured, self-aligning white drawer guides are side-mounted and hold up to 75 lbs.)
  10. Solid hold under-shelf support (locking shelf clips hold shelf securely; cabinets 27” and wider have support cleats as shown)
  11. Strong shelves (⅝” thick engineered wood; natural maple in color; requires no shelf paper)